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Quick professional service. Erika had already thought about all the issues to think about ex. vacation album? Deleting duplicates etc. She acted very professionally and made the whole process (which I was dreading) smooth and easy...even fun! 

                                                             -Lionella Pezza

We are so grateful to Erika for helping us get our photos in order. They were everywhere and she was able to work with us remotely to access the files, eliminate duplicates and create a beautifully organized photo storage solution. She was extremely professional and respectful at every step of the way and had great ideas about photo storage options and projects that suited our family. Thanks so much!  

                                                                           -Rachel Odo

Looking at old photos and deleting things can be painfully overwhelming. This service allowed me to complete a project I had been putting off for years. My favorite aspects of the service were the fact that Erika took the time to delete duplicate photos. It was also great to have hard copies of things scanned and have everything in one place. I'm really looking forward to going through these.

Most importantly Erika is a trustworthy person who anyone and everyone can feel comfortable sharing their intimate photos with. Giving someone access to your entire photo library takes a lot of trust but I guarantee you Erika is a person who is worthy of that trust.


You were an angel to help me with my photos.  You did a fantastic job, and you lifted a big worry from me that all of those memories  could potentially be lost.

                                                             -Ilene Atkins

 I appreciated Erika's personal touches as she scanned and put together my precious family photos and albums. These pictures are family treasures and she took the time with special care and detail to be sure the work was done both professionally and efficiently.

                                                             -Elgene Doinidis

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